work hard, play hard, RUN FAST!


Summer Season:
·     Summer Speed and Cross Country Camp:  All levels of runners are welcome and will succeed. A positive attitude after the first few days is required!  June 3-July 17.  Includes 2 fun track meets, community runs and Forest Preserve Family Fun run. $300 entire session. $130 Sunday-Only Program.  Includes AAU Membership and t-shirt.
Cross Country:
·      August- 1-2 Week Cross Country Camp for Middle School XC runners.  $110.

September-Thanksgiving-Various start dates and locations based on school season. Event distance 1.5-3.1 miles
·      Age: 10+ with minimum distance requirements, younger with permission
·      Desire to be on the team
·      Minimum 2-3 practices per week
·      Shoes remain tied
·      Parent/athlete responsible for on-time, layers, water, running shoes,
·      60 minute attention span
·      Respectful
·      Running Mechanics/Drills
·      Event training
·      Core/Coordination/Balance/Agility
·      Dynamic Warm-ups
·      Teamwork
·      Team Values
·      Attitude
·      Multiple Training Groups-Events/Level/Gender/Age
See Calendar for dates and locations.
-      XC Season-invites, weekend runs on paths in forest preserves, team dinners, Scavenger  Hunt,
·      Family Practice
·      Community Run- Local 5k’s, UCTC/HCS Track Meets,   
·      Volunteer Hours (possibly) and Participation!
- Ensuring that child is delivered to practice 5 minutes early!
Scholarships are available for families in crisis.
Register on site. Questions? 

Contact  Money should never be a barrier to development and community!
WHY PAY FOR A TEAM WHEN I COULD JUST RUN WITH MY KID?  We usually employ 4-20 coaches per season to ensure that your child has the best coaching available. This is our profession.  We have overhead, insurance, facilities, supplies, this website.  Our practices are different everyday, meeting the needs of  children on different levels, requiring constant education.  This is cheaper than a babysitter and much cheaper than league football, soccer, lacrosse, swim team or detention.  Plus high school coaches like to come to our practices and meet the kids!
Cross Country Meets, arrive an hour or so before the race for warm-up and then however long it takes your athlete to complete their race of 1.5-2.5 miles.  Usually a nice day in the fall but perhaps you might bring an umbrella or a hot coffee (for yourself of course.)
Does not apply for 2018-Kids compete based on age group.  The most common events are: 100/200/400/800/1500/3000 and 4x100, 4x400 and 4x800 relays.  Long and Triple Jumps may be recommended.  Although we compete in the meets that lead to AAU Nationals, at times we compete in a USATF sponsored event.  USATF IL has a great explanation of meets and parent involvement at
What's up with all those letters? AAU, Amateur Athletic Union, is the organization that the Flyers compete to the National Level.  Most age groups are defined by individual birth year.  USATF, USA Track & Field, also offers national competition but  age groups are 2 birth years.  For the 2014 season, members are only required to have an AAU extended benefits membership for club liability and competition.  We will register your child if you select AAU at registration. During the cross country season, XC, we compete in AAU, USATF and attend the YES Nationals meet.
Practices are held in snow, moderate rain and even sunshine.  Practice is canceled or moved to a safe area if sleet/hail/lava and thunder threaten.  A practice is called/delayed within 30 minutes of start time if inclement weather is anticipated, or shortened with an email to practice groups.  The same email notification is given if the team has sought cover.  One of the best performances of the team followed a practice in a surprise downpour.  Since practices are held in changing weather, the team has a MANDATORY PRACTICE GEAR policy.  Athletes must arrive at practice with one additional top layer if temperature is between 65 and 80 degrees.  Athletes must arrive at practice with one long (to ankles) layer of pants and two top layers if temperature is between 30 and 64 degrees. Hat and gloves are recommended at this temperature also. The bag, with clothing or if worn, is the parents' responsibility.